Our Lady                    Help of                        Christians
          at                                  Litchfield

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Lodi

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Nova

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Seville


Faith Formation:
      2012 - St. John Cathedral, Cleveland, OH
      2013, Feb 17 - St. John Cathedral, Rite of Election, Cleveland, OH
      2013, March 3 - Confirmation,
                St Mary Mother of the Redeemer, Norwalk, OH.
      RCIA - 2013 - Easter Vigil, Litchfield
      2014 Confirmandi

Social Events:
      Chili Cook-Off January 2013 at Nova
      World Marriage Day February 2013 at Nova
      Ice Cream Social August 2013 in Litchfield
      Octoberfest at Jilbert Winery
      Epiphany Party - Jan 2014 at Litchfield
      Mardi Gras - March 2014 at Litchfield
      Nova Pumpkin Social - November 2014

Youth Ministry:
      2012 photos -  Youth Rally and Christmas Caroling
      2013 photos -  National Youth Conference in Indianapolis

      Blue Ribbon Restaurant August 2013
      Reverse Raffle 2014
      Blue Ribbon Restaurant August 2014

      2013 Garden photos
      Trials for Hope
      Trials for Hope Assembly 2014


Spring Cleanup:

Seville Improvements 2014: