Our Lady                    Help of                        Christians
          at                                  Litchfield

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Lodi

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Nova

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Seville


The Outreach Committee serves everyone within the parish boundaries with its food pantry. OLHC has a food pantry that operates one evening and one morning a week by appointment.  Contact Person for the Food Pantry is
Pat Vujevich.

An Outreach Veggie Garden is in place on the OLHC Litchfield Worchip Site property. Volunteers will help prepare the soil, plant, and maintain the garden.
Contact person for the Garden is Carol Perzy - 330-667-2573

Please consider the following : Since it is getting increasingly difficult to get "laborers" and some of us are "aging" we have to take a long look at our project. Gradually downsizing or using the plots more judiciously. Need to abandon Sweet Corn or find a way to "protect" even with the electric fence. Perhaps a larger area to produce MORE with the excess to be sold after Masses to our Parishioners for funding the garden. Determine THE most productive plants and those most in demand by the clients. Creating a simpler planting i.e. raised beds, vertical growing, companion planting etc. Successive planting ... ANY of YOUR BRIGHT IDEAS ~ PLEASE !!!! SAVE THE DATE ~ Give me a Heads-up, Will request an RSVP as we get closer the the date. PAX~ Carol 330-667-2573 Continue your LENTEN acts of preparation for Easter. And May God Bless Us All !


Our parish will answer Christ's call to "Feed My People."

Community meals are served monthly on the third Saturday, from 5-7pm, at the Lodi United Methodist Church.  Volunteers are needed to set up, cook, serve and clean up!  Prepping begins at 3pm.

God gives us a rich variety of talents or gifts and we are given these gifts to help others.  Please consider donations or volunteering as helping your brothers and sisters in need by placing your donation in marked boxes located in the welcome area of each worchip site.

Contact People:
Beth Trubachik - 330-242-0206
Gary Trubachik - 330-242-1737
Joe Belle - 330-388-5889
Cheryl Belle - 330-388-5894.


ADOPT  A  FAMILY is a helping hand begun 18 years ago. It is an opportunity to help someone. There are five facilitators who serve approximately 80 children. The givers of Adopt A Family remember their child every birthday, Christmas and Easter. The facilitators contact parents prior to each giving opportunity to get suggestions as to what the child needs or would like. Giving is done anonymously.

Connie Ebaugh - contact person

Trials For Hope!
This effort, spear-headed by Jonathan Gray, in collaboration with OLHC, serves the near West side of Cleveland, specifically the homeless, shut-ins and families in need. Please check the gathering area table for a current list of needed items and drop them off at your worship site in the container labeled "Trials For Hope".  If you wish you may also place cash or checks payable to Trials For Hope in envelopes in the same container.

Time to clean out attics, garages, closets, and donate!
Contact Theresa Beyler at 330-723-7433 if you have questions.
Thank you for all of your generosity and support!

Thanks to James A Garfield Elementary on W 140th St in Cleveland for collecting over THREE HUNDRED PAIRS of Socks which are going to Trials For Hope.

Catholics Care About Climate Change.

Catholics care about climate change.
Climate change is a moral issue that affects us all. Pope Francis knows that caring for God's creation helps real people, right now-especially the poor and vulnerable. Whether it's a boy in Chicago suffering from asthma or a woman in Ecuador suffering from a mudslide, solving climate change is a way to protect the people God loves. IF you are so inclined, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Drop your loose change into the Rice Bowl for Catholic Relief Service. Give up a LATTE each week and donate the $$$ to TRIALS for HOPE , to help the homeless in our town. Continue your efforts to RESPECT the EARTH by Reducing, Reusing, Refusing, Recycling and Rot (composting). Each of us can CARE for CREATION.

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