Our Lady                    Help of                        Christians
          at                                  Litchfield

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Lodi

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Nova

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Seville

Map to the Lodi Worship  site
8240 Buffham Rd. Lodi, OH, 44254-9704

Sundays at 830am
Mondays 7pm

Eucharistic Adoration:
First Fridays, 6pm in Litchfield
Holy Days and Holidays - Please see our Parish Bulletin.

Confessions:  Last weekend of the month
Saturdays from 4pm to 430pm
Sundays after 1030 Mass
Communal Penance will be announced in the Parish Bulletin
and announced at Mass.

Local Committee:
Joseph Pickett  -  Chairperson
Susanne Iacobucci  -  Secretary
Lydia Urban  -  Budget Coordinator
Tom Gehring  -  Maintenance
Irene Gehring  -  Social Coordinator
Eric Pryor  -  PPC Representative
Fr. Ed, Fr. Jim and Sandy Lynn

Liturgical Minister Sign-up:
Mark Delima

Art & Environment:
Pat Patterson - Contact
Ceil Lakotish - Contact for worship site cleaning.
Jim Salvaggio

Marianne Norris - Contact for Lodi Choir
Katie Taylor
Gloria Doering
George Barlock

Sunshine Committee:
Jim Salvaggio - contact person
Barb Manges

Tom Gehring

All socials occur at 930am unless stated otherwise.