Our Lady                    Help of                        Christians
          at                                  Litchfield

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Lodi

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Nova

        Our Lady                       Help of                           Christians
            at                                     Seville



The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to promote the spiritual growth of the parish community and to plan ways for the parish to carry out the Mission of the Church.Led by the Holy Spirit, the Council shall be a consultative body dedicated to envisioning,and planning, which makes recommendations to the Pastoral Team on major matters concerning the life and pastoral ministry of the parish.  The Council will maintain a deliberately prayerful spirituality and will conduct its business and reach all decisions by the proscess of prayerful discernment and concensus.  It will focus on the spiritual growth and renewal of the parish in order that all parishioners may participate actively in the mission of Jesus to the world.  Its purpose will be fulfilled through the four interdependent functions of spritual formation, pastoral planning, pastoral policy develoment, and communication.

The Council will conduct its business mindful of its collaborative relationship with the Finance Council and their role with regard to the material goods of the Parish. It will also maintain regular communication with Parish Commissions and the Local Committees. This is to insure that these different bodies act in keeping with the Parish Mission Statement and do not work at cross purposes.

Meetings are held once a month for nine months, on the fourth Tuesday, at a rotating worship site.

Meeting Schedule for 2017-2018
The person whose name follows a location will be serving a light snack. If you are assigned below and cannot attend please advise other PPC members.

Ex-Officio Members:
Fr. Edward Suszynski
Fr. James Roach
Sandra Lynn
Deacon Mike Jervis

Members  at  Large:
Andy Olah - Co-Chairperson
Sue Ryan - Co-Chairperson
John E. Zambo - Vice Chairperson
Randy Rusnak
Pat Patterson
Tiffany Sexton
Ceil Lakotish
Patrick Pesata

Local Committee Members
Eric Pryor - Lodi
Bev Krnac - Litchfield
Andrea Kacinari - Seville
Lois Kinter - Nova

Recording Secretary
Julie Karakaian



The Finance Council participates in planning, evaluating and managing the financial matters of the parish.

This includes preparing and presenting an annual budget for the parish.  The Council aids in goal setting and studying parish revenues to make recommendations to the Pastor for maintaining or increasing revenues to meet parish objectives and priorities. The Council aids in developing a personnel policy for all employees, including contracts, job classification and salary administration.  The Council makes recommendations to the Pastor regarding maintaining parish accounts, relationships with banking
institutions, investment strategy and the like.

Meetings are usually held on the 4th Wednesday each month unless otherwise stated.


Joe Swinko
William Thorne
Jim Aylsworth
Lydia Urban
Anita Martin
Diehl Belza
Fr. Ed
Fr. Jim



Each of the parish's four worship sites has a local committee.  Each committee is comprised of six parishioners representing their respective site.

The purpose of the local committee is
    --to discover the needs of the local community, oversee activities
           in the community and foster Christian community among its members.
    --to be a forum of communication
    --to model a Christian lifestyle to the whole parish by prayer,
            sharing, mutual support and outreach
    --to facilitate unity among the four parish worship sites by linking to the
            Parish Pastoral Council

The positions filled by committed members are:
Maintenance representative
Budget Coordinator
Social Coordinator
Local Committee representative to Parish Pastoral Council